The Chase Wiki

These are my predictions of The Chase UK in the last quater of 2020, like The Quizard is doing, thanks for the idea mate, it was his original concept so all credit goes to him for this idea of a blogpage, your doing good dude.

M7/9/20 - (S13E087) - Paul Sinha ("The Sinnerman") [Team loss]

T8/9/20 - (S13 E091) - Shaun Wallace  ("The Dark Destroyer") [Team win]

W9/9/20 - (S13E164) - Mark Labbett ("The Beast") [Team loss]

Th10/9/20 - (S13E090) - Jenny Ryan ("The Vixen") [Team loss]

F11/9/20 - (S13E088) - Anne Hegerty ("The Governess") [Team loss]

Celebrity Specials

S12/9/20 - (S08E08) - Paul Sinha ("The Sinnerman") - [Team win]


T8/9/20 - (S09E85) - Matt Parkinson ("The Goliath") - [Team loss]

W9/9/20 - (S09E99) - Cheryl Toh ("The Tiger Mum") - [Team loss]


M7/9/20 - (S09E71) - Sebastian Klussmann ("Der Besswerwisser/The Know-it-All") - [Team loss]

T8/9/20 - (S09E72) - Sebastian Jacoby ("Der QuizGott/The Quiz-God") - [Team loss]

W9/9/20 - (S09E73) - Manuel Hobiger ("Der QuizVulkan/The Quiz Volcano") - [Team loss]

Th10/9/20 - (S09E74) - Sebastian Klussmann ("Der Besserwisser/The Know-it-All") - [Team win]

F11/9/20 - (S09E75) - Klaus Otto Nagorsnik ("Der Bibliothekar/The Librarian") - [Team loss]