On Saturday 29th April I decided to play the chase app as I always do, I came up against the barrister (Shaun Wallace). I made £10,000 in the cash builder to put on the board, however I opted for the lower £2,000 offer. After I breezed through the head to head round it came to the final chase. I then managed to put a huge 24 steps between me and the chaser. However, I thought there was something funny going on as the chaser managed to get to 13 in the first minute. After having no opportunities to push back, I was caught with 7 seconds to spare! 24 steps! That's even more than the real Shaun Wallace has ever caught on the real show! It just shows that the app is not just an easy job and need a target of only 16 or 17, you may need a target of 26! (which is what I needed there).