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Original Version (2013–2015)

Reboot (2021–)

Note: In the ABC version, when the chaser is playing the Final Chase, his steps begin where the contestants' steps end, moving backwards towards 0 rather than forwards towards the target. For consistency, however, the number noted in the table is the number of steps reached before the time ran out, rather than the number of steps remaining.

*This episode was originally due to air on August 15, 2021 but was replaced by extended Afghanistan coverage. However, the episode aired in Canada on that day as per the original broadcasting schedule. The U.S. airdate was postponed by a week.

Chasers' Lounge

A New feature on the ABC Revival of the show, is that the other Chasers, who do not compete in the episode, are watching and commenting the show from their Lounge. In ABC Seasons 1-2, all 2 or 3 other Chasers are always there. Starting from Season 3, as there is 5 Chasers, and only 3 chairs, one Chaser will be missing each time, making different combos (James-Brandon-Victoria, etc.), while the one is Chasing.

This table shows the Seating order of each Chaser, and the missing Chaser.

Statistics on the Chasers

Chaser Shows Wins Losses Win Rate
Mark Labbett 56 37 19 64%
James Holzhauer 8 6 2 75%
Ken Jennings 8 3 5 37%
Brad Rutter 6 3 3 50%
Victoria Groce Premiering in ABC Season 3
Brandon Blackwell
Buzzy Cohen
Total 79 49 29 62%

Statistics correct as of 3/3/22