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The 10th series of The Chase Australia sees a new host, Larry Emdur, Anne Hegerty returning to the role of Chaser, Cheryl Toh as a regular chaser (before she was a guest in Series 7-9) and Issa Schultz in a reddish-brown suit (before it was a silver from the first 9 series). Nothing has been confirmed about Mark Labbett returning so far, and this did not occur in 2021, due to his decision to join the reboot of the American version and family reasons. It is unclear whether Labbett will return to Australia in 2022 (if the British national is willing to get a visa for travel to Australia). On November 10, Labbett stated on Twitter that he was hoping to return to Australia in 2022, which is by the time that Season 11 of The Chase Australia starts filming. On November 24, 2021, Labbett stated in his appearance at the ITV Palooza that he will return to Australia to do the filming in February.

The series started taping in the second quarter of 2021, and the series premiered on the Seven Network on 26 July 2021, whilst the Olympic Games were taking place. Short specials of 30 minutes were shown during the first two weeks because of the coverage of the Olympic Games.

Episode List

  • Short Specials' Gameplay: Two contestants play the Cash Builder round individually, with the player earning the higher of the two amounts playing the Head-to-Head round against the Chaser. Any player can play the Head-to-Head round if the amounts are the same. This player plays for the combined total of the two amounts, and they are able to choose a lower or higher combined total offer. The Final Chase is played as usual.
  • Episode 2 and Episode 4 did not air in ACT, NSW, QLD, TAS and VIC due to Channel Seven's extended coverage of the Olympics at the planned time of the television broadcast.
  • Episode 5 and Episode 10 did not air in ACT, NSW, QLD, TAS and VIC due to Channel Seven showing repeats of Episode 2 and Episode 4, respectively, which were previously unaired in these areas. Episode 5 eventually aired in ACT, NSW, TAS and VIC on 3/12/21 as a transition from Channel Seven's coverage of the Bathurst 1000.

Statistics on the Chasers

Statistics correct as of 24/11/21