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The Cypriot version of The Chase premiered on 13 September 2020 on the TV-channel Alpha TV Cyprus. It is hosted by Tasos Tryfonos and the Chasers are Silia Ioannidou, Andreas Pitsillides, and Marinos Cleanthous. George Pamporidis (6/11/2020), Louis Patsalidis (24/12/2020), Christiana Aristotelous (25/12/2020) became guest chasers.



  • It was previously announced that there will be also Chaser Theano Kalavana, who took part in the photo shoot along with three other chasers, but she did not appear in the game during the first season airings.
    • The 41st episode was attended by members of Round Table 7 from Paphos. They were opposed by George Pamporidis, the former Minister of Health of Cyprus.
  • The Christmas specials, aired on December 24 and 25, 2020, featured players associated with Alpha Kýprou - Loúis Night Show and Me agápi Christiána (With love Christiana), respectively. The persecutors of these programs were Louis Patsalidis under the name "The Beast" (which is the same chaser name that Mark Labbett have) and Christiana Aristotelous.
  • On episode aired on 22th September, 2021, the world record of lowest target set against the Chaser in the final was set, as solo contestant named Angelos didn't manage to get a single correct answer during his round. Chaser Silia Ioannidou needed only one correct answer in 2 minutes.[1]