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Super-Jahti (The Super Chase) is the Finnish version of Beat The Chasers. There contestants are trying to beat all Chasers in order to win big cash prizes.

The show is hosted by Mikko Leppilampi, and the Chasers are Markus Leikola, Magnus Mali, and Eero Ylitalo, just like in the regular version.

The audition of the contestants began in September 2020 and ended in November. The tapings were held on 7–11 December 2020 in Mediapolis center, Tampere. The first episode was aired on 5 February 2021 on MTV3 channel.[1]

The first season includes 12 episodes, in each, a group of regular contestants and celebrities are trying to take home large sums of money.[2]

The first season went off to a break from 26th February 2021, after 4 episodes were shown, but returned on 11th May with all-new episodes.


In the Cash Builder round, the contestant is given up to five multiple-choice questions, each correct answer is worth €500 (maximum sum from Cash Builder round is €2,500). The round ends when the contestant misses a question or answers all five correctly. However, if the contestant gets the first question wrong, he/she goes home empty-handed.

Then, the contestant is first shown one Chaser, that he/she has to face to win the amount built. The Chaser makes an offer for the time on their clock in the next round. Then the following Chaser makes an offer of time and money, and same goes to the last Chaser.

The next round sees the contestant and the Chasers alternating back and forth answering questions. The Chasers use their buzzers when answering questions. Once one side gives a correct answer, their clock stops and the opponent's side begins to count down. If the contestant's clock ticks to zero first, he/she loses and goes home empty-handed, meanwhile if the Chasers' clock ticks to zero before contestant's, the contestant wins the offer chosen.

In the Finnish version, the Chasers are layed out from left to right: Markus Leikola (The Know-it-All/Besserwisser), Magnus Mali (The Sharp/Terävä) and Eero Ylitalo (Mr. Archive/Herra Arkisto).


Season 1

Super-Jahti: Extra

On 10 May, 2021, five short extra episodes were released on mtv, the streaming service of MTV.

Statistics for the Chasers

Chaser Games Played Correct Answers Correct Answers per Game Most Correct Answers in a Single Game
Eero ... ... ... ...
Magnus ... ... ... ...
Markus ... ... ... ...


  • Each episode sees one (or two) Celebrity making an appearance on the show, their names are listed on the table with full names. The first season saw these Celebrities: Ilkka "Ile" Uusivuori, Pekka Pouta, Mikko "Tökä " Töyssy, Simo Frangén, Tuuli Mattila, Teemu Lehtilä, Harri Syrjänen, Pia Penttala, Jenni Poikelus, Teemu Niikko, Karri Kivi, Raija Pelli and Jari "Bull" Mentula.
  • In some episodes, there is also one or two returning contestants seen on the main show, Jahti. The first season saw these comebacks: Miku, Roope, Tuula, Satu, Panu, Jose, Miika, Antti (episode 11) and Pauli.
  • On the 6th episode, aired on 18th May 2021, no contestant won during the episode.
  • The finnish version is the first of all, where nobody has beaten so far all chasers at once.