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Shaun Anthony Linford Wallace (born 2 June, 1960) has been a Chaser in the British version of The Chase since the summer of 2009 when the show premiered. In 2018, he featured as a guest Chaser on the Australian version of the show for just eight episodes, alongside fellow UK Chasers Anne Hegerty and Mark Labbett. He is a barrister by education.

He is known for sometimes breaking out into song and dance and once dressed as a very colorful large ugly sister for a celebrity Christmas Special.

Statistically, he is the weakest Chaser in the British version.

Appearances in The Chase Australia

Series 5

  1. Episode 161
  2. Episode 166
  3. Episode 169
  4. Episode 203
  5. Episode 214
  6. Episode 224
  7. Episode 231
  8. Episode 244

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  • He was born two days before host Bradley Walsh, who was born on 4th June 1960.
  • In 2001, Wallace appeared as the team captain of his team on the British version of the game show Greed. When handing him back £25,000 (as a dramatic gesture referencing that he was sure of his last answer), host Jerry Springer joked, referencing his being a then-training barrister, "I've never met a lawyer who gives me money."
  • In 2005, Wallace stood as an independent candidate to become an MP in that year's general election in the Brent South constituency. He came fifth with 297 votes, losing to Labour's Dawn Butler.