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Mirko Miočic (23 July, 1956 - 15 May, 2017) had been a Chaser in Potjera, the Croatian version of The Chase since November 2013 when the show premiered, until March 2016.

Once on his penultimate episode on March 3, 2016, the team achieved the lowest target by a full house team with just 6 steps. However, Mirko, after nearly making a clean sweep, shockingly failed to catch them in the Final Chase round. In 2005, he was a contestant in the Croatian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and won 32,000 kuna, which is the same amount that Dean Kotiga had won in November 2006.

Illness and Death

In March 2016, after sending a statement from Croatian Television stating that due to health problems, Mirko Miocic will leave "Potjera" when doctors of Zadar hospital amputated his lower leg with one leg and the other with his foot. Many people worried many who followed him year after year in numerous quizzes.

However, the media has learned that Mirko Miocic's health problems arose from a serious form of diabetes.

He was operated on twice at the General Hospital Zadar, and is facing a long recovery.

He was then transferred to Zagreb for treatment. There he was greeted by one of the biggest failures of Croatian journalism, the news of his own death, which proved to be wrong and unproven.

After 500 days of hospital, Mirko went into physical therapy. On May 7, he reported to his General Hospital in Zadar with a broken health. In addition to all his problems, he also received pneumonia.

On May 9, Mirko made his last appearance on television when he telephoned himself to the celebratory 500th episode of "Potjera". Everyone hoped Mirko would be part of the Chase again in fall of 2017.

Mirko congratulated everyone on the anniversary show and welcomed the entire Chase crew, especially Tarik Filipović and his fellow chasers. Tarik and Dean Kotiga responded with sincere wishes for healing as soon as possible and wished that he would return to the chaser’s seat on an anniversary episode.

Unfortunately, only six days after that, Mirko passed away from pneumonia at the Internal Medicine Division, Gastroenterology Department.[1] He was 61 years old.

For the memory of Mirko, his episode that was aired on March 3, 2015, was repeated on the day of his death. He had caught the team with 18 steps with only 1 second remaining, which is the highest amount of steps ever caught by a Croatian Chaser.[2]Krešimir Međeral-Sučević repeated this feat and also caught 18 steps with only 1 second remaining on September 2018.[3]




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