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Mark Labbett in 2010

Mark Andrew Labbett is a British television personality best known for his role as a 'Chaser' on the UK and US game shows The Chase (UK) and The Chase (US). He has also appeared in several television quiz shows, and is a regular in quizzing competitions.

In episode aired on 8th June 2010, Mark faced 26 steps, which at the time was the highest target and caught it with 0:03 left on the clock in a clean sweep. That was the highest clean sweep target in the UK and worldwide. This is also the first ever clean sweep. The Final can be watched from here.

He also set the worldwide record for the fastest final chase on an Australian episode, where he caught 5 steps in 19 seconds compared to his effort in a British episode where he caught 3 steps in 12 seconds.

He was also the chaser present during the arguably most hilarious question of all time, which is below.

What is the cartoon character Andy Capp known as in Germany?

A) Dick Tingeler

B) Helmut Schmaker

C) Willi Wakker

The right answer was C, but the contestant (Tim Vine) chose A and Labbett chose B.

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 [hide*1 Career


He obtained an MA in Mathematics from Oxford University, a PGCE in secondary education from the University of Exeter, and a CPE & LPC (Qualifications in Law) from the University of Glamorgan.[2] He taught in secondary schools, and worked as a supply teacher in Maths and P.E.[3]

Labbett became interested in quizzing when working at a Butlins holiday camp, where he supplemented his income with winnings from the quiz machines.[4] His pub quiz team won a weekend inParis in April 2001 after competing in the national competition, Jumbo Quiz.[5]

Television appearances[][]

He appeared on Mastermind in 1999, where his specialist subject was the Olympic Games.[6] He appeared again on Mastermind in 2000, with the animated television show The Simpsons as his specialist subject.[7]

In 2000, he appeared on the Channel 4 numbers and letters game show Countdown [2].

In 2004 he won £500 on Five's BrainTeaser, and a year later he won £1,500 on BBC One's SUDO-Q.[4] In 2005, he won £16,000 on Millionaire Live, a live version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?that toured seaside resorts throughout the summer.[4][8] A captain, he led the Welsh quiz team to fifth place in the 2006 European Quizzing Championships.[3] In 2007, he was ranked as the 17th top quizzer in the country.[3]

His team, the Rugby Boys, won BBC Four's Only Connect in 2009.[9] Other television appearances include The National Lottery People's Quiz (2007) where he came second in the grand final.,[10]Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?,[11]where he won £32,000 and University Challenge.[6]

The Chase UK[][]

Main article: The Chase (UK game show)

Labbett portrays one of the 'Chasers' in the ITV teatime quiz The Chase, first broadcast in 2009. In the show, his nickname is "The Beast".[12] He stars alongside fellow 'Chasers' Anne Hegerty,Paul Sinha and Shaun Wallace.

"He carries himself with all the pomp and majesty of a medieval king who's fully aware that he knows quite a lot more about several things than most people. He's a readymade cult hero likeDavid Dickinson before him, he'll no doubt get his own show within the next couple of years, and he single-handedly elevates the whole thing to a level it wouldn't otherwise deserve. It may not be the perfect daytime gameshow but, thanks mainly to Labbett,The Chase can be horribly watchable entertainment"

TV critic Stuart Heritage credits Labbett for the show's success (2010)

The Chase US[][]

Main article: The Chase (U.S. game show)

In August 2013, Labbett appears as the only 'Chaser' on the US version of The Chase, airing on the Game Show Network where the host (Brooke Burns) says, "Unleash the Beast!"

Charity work[][]

He has hosted and participated in several charity quiz nights,[12] such as one in Cardiff in May 2012 for Cancer Research Wales and Velindre Cancer Centre.[13]

Quiz ranking[][]

In 2012, Labbett was ranked 81st in the World Quizzing Championships.[14]

Personal life[][]

Labbett currently resides in Rotherham, a large town in South Yorkshire.


Labbett's nickname "The Beast" references both his stature and his surname (Labbett sounds like French for "the beast", "la bête").


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