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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Kang.

Kang Chen (Chinese: 康震; pinyin: Kāng Zhèn; born March 1970) was a Chaser in 挑战文化名人, the Chinese version of The Chase, for two episodes (31 August and 7 September, 2014).

He is the only Chinese chaser who has never been defeated by contestants in any of his episodes, and at same time the one of the two chasers to not loss in any episode worldwide, the other was Yuriy Hashimov.

In episode aired on 7th September 2014, Kang faced 25 steps, which at the time was the highest target and caught it with 0:25 left on the clock in a clean sweep. That was the second highest clean sweep target in the worldwide, behind Mark Labbett with 26 steps. This is also the first and only ever clean sweep in the Chinese version. The Final can be watched from here.

He is a scholar and a professor at the College of Arts, Beijing Normal University. He is best known for conducting lecture series about Chinese literature on the CCTV-10 television programme Lecture Room, just like Meng Man.

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