Issa Schultz

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Issa Schultz (born 1 March, 1984) has been a Chaser in The Chase Australia since September 2015 when the show premiered. He has won the individual competition of the Australian Quizzing Championships for six times (2011, 2013–2014, 2016–2018).

In episode aired on 5th November 2015 on the last episode of Series 1, Issa faced 23 steps and caught it with 0:26 left on the clock in a clean sweep. That was the highest clean sweep target in the Australia (later along with Israel and Spain).

Issa is the only Australian chaser who has lost to a solo player more than once, and eventually lost to his first Lazarus player in S9 E3, after nearly 5 years of any Australian chaser to never lose to a Lazarus player.

Issa also appeared on the fifth series of the UK Version of The Chase's spin-off Beat The Chasers, filling in for Anne Hegerty due to her contracting COVID-19.

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