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El Cazador is the Spanish version of The Chase. It was hosted by Ion Aramendi from its premiere on 10 February 2020 until 2 May 2022, and by Rodrigo Vázquez from 3 May 2022. The Chasers are Erundino Alonso, Ruth de Andrés, Lilit Manukyan, Paz Herrera and David Leo (from 2021).

It borrows many of its aesthetics from the Australian version. A Cash Builder question is worth 1.000 €, more than other adaptations within the euro area.

The show also has its own version of Beat The Chasers, titled La Noche de los Cazadores, which premiered on 17 January 2022



  • In Season 1 Episode 6, the first contestant scored 0 € in the Cash Builder round. The chaser offered him a lower offer of -1 € and a higher offer of 1 €. The player agreed to play a negative offer, won the second round and "added" it to the bank.
    • There have been eight occasions in the UK and one in Australia where the player has not received a lower offer because the player scored zero in the cashbuilder, and there was no money in the bank to take away from.
      • Although that doesn’t always happen in the UK. Earlier, there was 1 occasion where a player (Keith) received a negative offer (-£1,000), despite their being no money in the bank, which is the same case to the first level bullet above. He took the higher offer and unfortunately got caught by the chaser.
  • In Season 1 Episode 8, two of the contestants are called María and they also sit next to each other.
  • Season 1 took a break from 19 March - 1 May 2020, due to quarantine imposed due to the COVID-19 disease pandemic. Instead, posts containing questions with three possible answers were posted on the official Twitter account of the show, accompanied by the hashtag #ElCazadorEnCasa (“Hunter at Home”). Season 1 resumed on 4 May 2020.
  • From June 25, 2020, the airs that were shot during the period of validity of social distance measures have been aired. Also, there are no spectators in the studio, but at certain points pre-recorded applause is heard.
  • In episode aired on July 1, 2020, Chaser Lilit Manukyan caught a Target of 23, with time left on clock 0:00. That was the highest clean sweep target of the Spanish version, and one of highest target to caught just in time worldwide. The Final can be watched here.
    • Later, the record of highest target was broken, as Ruth de Andrés caught a Target of 25, but not with clean sweep, on Season 5. Same record was repeated by Lilit Manukyan later on the same season and David Leo on Season 6. Also, the record of highest clean sweep target was broken as Erundino Alonso caught a Target of 24 with a clean sweep in Season 6.
  • In December 2020, it was announced on Twitter, that the show will get new Chaser, David Leo, nicknamed El Estudiante/The Scholar, a former quiz-show champion known from local quiz-shows 'Pasabalabra' and 'Saber y Ganar'. In 'Pasabalabra', he won an record amount of money seen on the show, over €1.000.000. Leo made his first appearance on 21 January 2021, in Season 4. He is the second male-Chaser on the show, after Erundino Alonso.
  • In January 2021, it was announced, that the show will get an spin-off series, La Noche de los Cazadores, based on Beat The Chasers, with all five chasers. The show ran for 8 weeks in a primetime slot from 17 January - 7 March 2022.
  • By the Average Target per Seasons, El Cazador is currently at the top 3 of Highest Targets of all time, with the current average being over 20.


  • During the head-to-heads, when a contestant is one step away from the bank, they reveal the chaser's answer before the correct answer.

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