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Eero Ylitalo (born 11 July, 1953) is a Chaser in Jahti, the Finnish version of The Chase. He has worked as archivist for the city of Oulu (that brings on his nickname on the show Mr. Archive, Herra Arkisto).

In 1992–2002, he was a contestant in many quiz shows: Suomen Tietoviisas (there he became the second in 1994), Megavisa, Missä mennään, Tietopörssi, Triangeli, Haluatko miljonääriksi? (the Finnish version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?), Greed, Heikoin lenkki (the Finnish version of The Weakest Link), and Horoskooppipyörä.

He was also the chairman of the Quizzing Association of Oulu for many years, and he has also participated many times in Finnish Quizzing Championship and World Quizzing Championship.

Ylitalo is the oldest Chaser living worldwide, alongside with Klaus Otto Nagorsnik and Thomas Kinne.

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