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Darragh Ennis is an Irish quizzer, scientist and postdoctoral researcher of Turkish descent at Oxford University. He joined the British version of The Chase in November 2020.

Ennis first appeared on the show as a contestant in 2017. He banked £9,000 in his Cash Builder, and successfully managed to take this amount to home. However, all three of his teammates took the lower offer, including two minus amounts. In the Final Chase, the team set a target of 23 steps, with Darragh contributing 14 correct answers. They defeated chaser Paul Sinha, but won just £1,575 each.

Ennis is also the sixth former contestant to become a Chaser worldwide, after Žarko Stevanović, Grażyna Werner, Manuel Hobiger, Thomas Kinne, and Michal Sharon.

Ennis is currently holding the record of longest winning streak before losing worldwide (in order of broadcasting), with 14 wins in a row.

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